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The AutoFast Rivet System, specifically engineered for rapid, high-volume installation of blind rivets, increases both safety and production rates while decreasing installation and supply costs.

In addition, our patented rivet feeds allow you to customize the type of blind rivet and the amount - a spool holds 100 rivets while the sleeve holds between 50 and 250 rivets and the Max Feed holds up to 5,000 rivets. The rivets are fed automatically into the AutoFast gun making manual rivet loading and rivet disposing obsolete.

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Automatic Nose Feed

1 Automatic Nose Feed

  • Allows semi-automatic rivet installation
  • Configurable with Multiple nose pieces (4) for each of the 4-sized rivets
  • 3-piece jaw ensures that even plastic rivets are flawlessly set

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Feed Strip

2 Feed Strip

  • Pre-loaded feed strip that enables hands free rivet installation

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Flow-thru Clutch

3 Flow-thru Clutch

  • Automatically advances your next rivet for rapid installation
  • Non-slip grip for maximum rivet installation precision

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Collection Sack

4 Collection Sack

  • Hefty capacity holds hundreds of mandrels and yards of used feed strip
  • Durable, zippered bag for quick & easy disposal

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Optional Rivits

5 Optional Rivets

  • Configured to work with rivets sizes 3/32," 1/8," 5/32", 3/16" & 1/4" from virtually any rivet manufacturer
  • Most all breakstem rivets on the market today are compatible with the AutoFast rivet gun

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Optional Rivits

6 Full Contact Nose Assemblies/
Aerospace Rivits

    Varieties of our patented full contact nose assembies ability to fire most aerospace rivits

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