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Hanson Rivet & Supply Co. - Larry Johnson
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AutoFast Australia Pty Ltd
Benjamin de Leon
Tel: +61 2 9457-7657
Mob: +61 412 628-199

featured testimonial

Daniel Cason, South Bend IN.

Since purchasing the AutoFast, there's been no more dropped and wasted rivets out on the floor, less clean-up time spent sweeping up rivets and mandrels and zero time separating good rivets out of the trash. Everything goes into one collection sack with an easy-open zipper. This tool has paid for itself by eliminating the dropped rivet waste. Not to mention, the safety improvements from waste on the production plant floor and the more precise rivet installations.

The competitive advantage is clear--no other rivet system competes with our speed, flexibility, safety and reliability.

As an additional safety precaution the nose piece on the AutoFast will not fire, unless properly engaged, further reducing job-related injuries.

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