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Mike Peterson, Venice, FL.

Anytime a 'breakthrough' product hits the market, I'm both excited and skeptical. I usually invest in the newer technologies, but not the newest because of the costs and time it takes to adjust my production lines. I made an exception with the AutoFast because I could see how the time savings would pay for itself with the automated fastening system.

With the no questions asked full-warranty, I knew if the product didn't deliver I could recoup my costs. Right out of the gate, my production crew adopted it and took pride in their improved output times. Best of all, since they could operate the gun with just one hand, they could line up their materials with more precision. Damaged and rejected parts dropped by 26 percent in the first month we adopted AutoFast. I would highly recommend this product to any production facility.

Emmett Washington, Milwaukee, WI.

We've been using the AutoFast system for about three years now. It has continuously over delivered for us. Guns we had used in the past always had jamming issues and were unable to accommodate different rivet sizes. The AutoFast works seamlessly and the rivet sleeves are perfect for our various applications. The rivets come separated in 125 ct., 175 ct. and 225 ct. sleeves and the crews just grab them and go. We just added a fourth stationary application that uses the AutoFast Max Feed 5000 rivet strip. The productivity gains are amazing! I look forward to even more advancements from AutoFast.

Daniel Cason, South Bend, IN.

Since purchasing the AutoFast, there's been no more dropped and wasted rivets out on the floor, less clean-up time spent sweeping up rivets and mandrels and zero time separating good rivets out of the trash. Everything goes into one collection sack with an easy-open zipper. This tool has paid for itself by eliminating the dropped rivet waste. Not to mention, the safety improvements from waste on the production plant floor and the more precise rivet installations.

The competitive advantage is clear--no other rivet system competes with our speed, flexibility, safety and reliability.

As an additional safety precaution the nose piece on the AutoFast will not fire, unless properly engaged, further reducing job-related injuries.

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